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Conversation with Jenny Butler

Last week for the exhibition "Super Secret Seeds", and we invite you to a conversation with Jenny Butler, sociologist, image therapist, play child and youth psychotherapist and artist. This is what Jenny says about her business:

- I have drawn and painted all my life and have always been interested in people. For my own part, image creation in adulthood has mainly sprung from needs that have to do with development and healing. But also out of a longing for the special presence that arises in moments of deep concentration in contact with the material, the image itself and/or the surroundings.

The exhibition is open from 15 – 18, after which we settle down in the gallery's side room. We offer light refreshments. Participation is free, but please note that we have limited space, so first come, first served.

Welcome Thursday 25 April at 18pm!

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