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Collection exhibition with Hans Börje Jansson and Bjarne Madsen Härdig

March 8 to April 7, 2024 you meet Hans Börje Jansson and Bjarne Madsen Härdig. Hans Börje's art is based on his own photographs from different environments and which have been digitally processed into a new experience. His photos are often taken in nature and above all in the forest. Here there are environments that are reminiscent of trolls and sorcery, but also of our way of abusing our beautiful nature. For example: deforestation through clear cutting, poisoning of land and forest. After this introduction, Bjarne continued his studies in painting on his own until 1995, when a watercolor course was held in Aarhus, Denmark (Birgitta Steen). In 1997 I went to the adult school in Malmö with a plan to apply for higher education in the arts. But during this time I discovered that my two interests (research and painting) cross-fertilized each other. I work in watercolor which I sometimes combined with charcoal.

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  • MadsenHärdig's Watercolor Gallery
  • MadsenHärdig's Watercolor Gallery

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