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Henrik Fexeus – The Mentalist

The Mentalist is Henrik Fexeus' sixth tour, which also marks Henrik's 20th anniversary on stage!

The mentalist also implies a partly new direction; where Henrik's previous performances focused on our thoughts, The Mentalist instead focuses on our feelings. It is a representation of who we are, our dreams and how important we are to each other.

The mentalist will of course offer the spectacular mix of mind reading, manipulation and general rascality that Henrik Fexeus is known for. At the same time as it contains new neck-breaking demonstrations that Henrik has never performed on a stage before.

Henriks Fexeus' performances have always had a big brain. The mentalist also has a very big heart.

Directing & script editing: Morgan Alling

Length: approx. 1 hour 40 min

Recommended age: from 12 years

Tickets: Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046-131415, telephone opening hours Mon, Wed and Fri 11am-14pm.

Dates, Times, Location

Friday 13 December 2024, at 19:30

In 244 days
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  • Lund's City Theatre
  • Lifeline Entertainment AB
  • Price: 380 kr

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