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Run for your life

Experience the zombie apocalypse for real in Lund.

Without warning, we had to evacuate the safe camp. There was complete panic among all the civilians. The order was: Take yourselves to the collection point. You are safe there, we have cleared the way. That was what the leader of the National Guard promised. Guess that's what they thought back then. The gathering place was a bloodbath. Not many made it.

The ultimate horror run

Experience this unique horror race with a cinematic feel. Hundreds of zombies along with props and effects create a real zombie apocalypse. Fight for your three lifelines and make it to the finish line. A "survival" medal is yours if you have at least one of your lives left, otherwise you have to settle for the "infected" medal. Regardless of the result, you will have a memory for life.

Children's run

Start time 17:00-18:00. Running starts during that hour. The race is a little shorter with a recommended age of 8-13 years and scary. Children under 12 must run with an adult. Adults who want to run with their children need to purchase their own children's race ticket if you do not already have an adult ticket. Start according to the map (coming in the spring) where the registration is also. Tickets and starter packages with e.g. number plate can be picked up earlier in the day at the start. More info, purchase conditions and rules are available at

Regular ticket price SEK 395

The adult race

Start time 18:00-19:00. Start in Lund, see map in the spring. Lund city is crippled by an unknown virus and quarantined. Undead ravage the streets and squares. Your only chance for survival is to get from the "evacuation zone" to the "safe zone" in central Lund. A street race through an apocalyptic world, full of obstacles and zombies.

The goal is to avoid zombies taking all three of your lives, attached to a belt around your waist. It is not the best time that counts, only the smartest route and smoothest manoeuvre. Maybe sacrifice the friend for a moment's respite.

Your horror-filled journey will take you through a variety of scenes inspired by e.g. of the series The Walking Dead and obstacles. All seasoned with hungry zombies and special effects. Welcome to the scariest running race in the world!

For the latest information & rules see the website:

Run for your lives obstacle race approx. 5-6 km Running distance: In and around the center of Lund (track length coming this spring)

Regular ticket price SEK 695

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