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Music written in the 1800th century? Do today's young people want to play like that? Can they even do that? 

On LIMUS Music School's journey through time, which started with Bach, we have arrived at the romantic era. You can expect dedicated young people, including students from the LIMUS Young Academy line, making music for you. Pretty sure we end up on a wedding day, staged by E Grieg and can delve into something else emotional, even for instruments other than piano. As usual, we are also experimenting with new forms of audience contact and interaction. We ourselves are a little curious as to how such things marry with romantic music. Welcome! 

Host: Mohan Zheng, pianist.

Free entrance. Arranged in collaboration with the association Mozarts Vänner (MoV).

Dates, Times, Location

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  • City hall
  • LIMUS Music School and MoV (Mozart's Friends)

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