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Rum & Chocolate Tasting

Dark aged rum from a distant land and dark chocolate in various qualities, what could be better? In collaboration with Patrik at Ahlgren's confectionery, we explore the delicious flavors of chocolate in combination with aromas and esters from Caribbean rum. During the evening we get to experience sensational flavors, both of rum and chocolate in combination but also mixed into a lovely cocktail by the bar master Alexander.

Patrik Langer, Peter Brobäck & Alexander Wessberg – what a trio!

SEK 595 per person. The tasting starts at 17.00 and lasts about 90 minutes.
Packages are available with tasting and a fixed two-course dinner for SEK 1095 per person, for a perfect evening.

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  • Hypoteket
  • Price: SEK 595

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