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After the audience success at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm, the puppet comedy show "Peptalk" goes on tour in southern Sweden! The performance has been described as a "linguistically playful set" (SvD) and an "interactive baluns" (DN). DN also writes that Björn Carlberg, who has written and performs the show, "is as popular as a puppeteer can be". On January 11, 2024, Björn and the dolls will come to Lund's Stadsteater!

Peptalk, by and with Björn Carlborg, is a comedy show with puppets where the audience can influence the action with their mobile phones. The failed patriarch Tord invites you to an inspirational evening filled with stand-up, lectures, role-playing and bingo interspersed with mediocre musical numbers.

- I have always wanted to do more stand-up-based comedy and with the performance "Peptalk" I get the chance to live out that spirit with funny sayings and anecdotes from widely different characters. With the interactive element as an addition, I can start a dialogue with the audience and can basically do my own SIFO surveys in real time, which I am forced to relate to. It's a very fun way to work and it feels exciting to visit Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg with the show, says Björn Carlberg.

Björn Carlberg is responsible for the script and direction and participates alone on stage with all the puppets. Björn has previously made the successful shows "Dockhumor på Scala" and "Dockhumor 2" together with colleague Petter Lennstrand, the TV series "Kjell" with Daniel Eskils and "Operation Klotty" on SVT.

Classification: 13 years

Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046-131415 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 14pm.

You can also buy tickets over the counter at the box office at Lund's Stadsteater. For opening hours see

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