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Word of God - Why a new Bible translation?

Lisa Buratti is a doctoral student in New Testament exegesis at Lund University and parish priest in Lomma parish, Church of Sweden

In 2026, it will be exactly 500 years since the first translation of the New Testament was published in the Swedish language. The translation most used today is NT-81, which is included in Bible 2000 and was translated on government commission. Is it then time for a new translation? The lecturer Lisa Buratti has been involved in the pilot translation of selected parts that was completed this year and is also one of the primary translators in the Swedish Bible Society's project NT 2026. How do you think about the new translation when the texts are retranslated from the basic language Greek? What does that craft look like and what considerations are made? 

In addition to being a translator, Lisa Buratti is a doctoral student in New Testament exegesis and a priest in the Church of Sweden. Among other things, she has studied at the Pontificio Istituto Biblico in Rome.

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