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Nicole Sabouné

Nicole Sabouné is one of the country's most pressing artists and her intimate, raw stories are still embedded in a sound world that is as engaging as it is dramatic. A wayward universe filled with clattering drums, gothic aesthetics, post-punk and melancholic pop and of course that majestic voice that cannot be defended against. Ever since the debut 'Must Exist', it was clear that there was a very special strength in Nicole Sabouné. A primal force that, whether it manifested resolutely or tenderly, could not be slowed down.

On October 6, her long-awaited fourth album 'Kismet' will be released. The artist himself describes it as "a soundtrack no one ordered or asked for but which fits perfectly with the listener's everyday, miserable or wonderful life" and judging by the redemptive singles 'Where Did You Go' and 'I Got It All' (out 15 Sep) then we have another masterpiece to look forward to. On November 17th you get the chance to see it live!

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