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Monday Night Swing | Lindy Hop | Social dance

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A relaxed social dance where our swing DJs play danceable swing music while you dance. We mostly dance the Lindy Hop but you can often find someone dancing the Balboa and Collegiate Shag.

Just denna kväll inkluderar inte någon prova-på för nybörjare, men skriv en kommentar i din anmälan att du är nybörjare så fixar vi någon som lite snabbt visar några moves så att du kommer igång. 

15/1, 1/4 and 20/5 öppnar vi redan 18.00 med 1h prova-på för nybörjare i swingdanceen Lindy Hop kl 18.15-19.15

Time & place

Prices and discounts

  • 70 SEK for pre-booked and online paid entry.
  • SEK 20 discount for pre-registered HepCat member automatically deducted from the above price
  • SEK 20 (additional) discount for students (ST), youth or unemployed (AR*)) who register in advance
  • 0 SEK for the one who helps for a while during the evening.
  • SEK 80 fixed price for those who pay on the spot.
  • HepCat membership costs an additional SEK 100 per calendar year, youth up to the age of 26 and students SEK 50 per year.

*Discount codes / Booking code

Young people up to 26 as well as students and the unemployed get a SEK 20 discount. Youth discount is automatically applied to everyone aged 26 and under. For student discount for 27 years and over use booking code ST and for unemployed booking code AR

Dates, Times, Location

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  • The Corps House
  • HepTown
  • Price: 30 kr

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