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Fashion memory - lecture with Philip Warkander

Fashion memory - lecture with Philip Warkander.

Generally speaking, fashion looks forward while memories link us to the past. At the same time, clothes are among the most personal items we have, and memories of particular events and people are often associated with what we (or someone else) was wearing at the time. Even fashion as a phenomenon often looks back, and creates something new by reinterpreting the past. In the lecture, Philip Warkander, researcher at Lund University, talks about the many and often paradoxical ways in which fashion and memories interact, and the way we can understand the mechanisms of time through our memories of fashion.

The lecture is based on the newly published book Fashion memory, written together with Hanna Wittrock, social anthropologist and lecturer in textile management at the University of Borås, and is about fashion as stimuli for memory: how a garment's design and tactile properties can evoke memories in both the wearer and the viewer. And how an event or era can be symbolized by a particular garment or fashion. The book is based on interviews with, among others, Åsa Linderborg, Lill Lindfors, Sunil Munshi, Mustafa Panshiri, Marina Schiptjenko, Andrès Stoopendaal and Anna-Karin Wyndhamn.

Philip Warkander is a lecturer in textile management at Borås University and a researcher at Lund University. He regularly writes about fashion and design for Expressen Kultur and for Sydsvenskan/HD.

Time: Thursday 29 February 2024, 19-20
Location: Stadshallen Botulfshörnan

Free entrance!

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Organized in collaboration with Hoc Press, with the support of Lund Municipality and Region Skåne.

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