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Fashion and art in the twenties

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"Modern" is the new word in the 1920s. Short skirts and short hair are fashionable. The new woman—the tomboy, la garconne, the flapper—pursues a youthful style. But the clothes are also art. On World Exhibition in Paris 1925 presents the latest trends in art, architecture, crafts and fashion. Here, the new luxury-emphasized art deco style makes its breakthrough. Among the young avant-garde are many well-educated women who work with art, furniture and handicrafts.

Join us for a viewing with curator Anna Lindqvist in the exhibition 2 twenties, with a focus on the innovative and modern fashion and art trends of the 1920s.

Included in the entrance fee, no advance booking. Gathering at the back of the White House (entrance hall), where there is a sign indicating the gathering place.

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Wednesday 11 September 2024, at 14:00

In 88 days
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