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Millencolin + No Fun At All + Satanic Surfers SOLD OUT

This spring, an epic chapter in Swedish music history is sent out on the road - this when skatepunk legends Millencolin, No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers join forces for the Return of the Cheap Shots tour!

Millencolin, No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers were all leaders in what during the mid-nineties completely exploded to become the world-famous and respected Swedish skatepunk scene. With albums that climbed the charts, sold-out tours and immortal hit songs such as Penguins & Polarbears, Master Celebrator and Hero of our time, these bands helped take skatepunk in Sweden from a total underground level to becoming one of the country's absolute biggest musical affairs. Their music has left an unforgettable mark on the punk scene and they continue to influence and inspire a wide audience today. For the band's faithful followers, this spring's tour will be a trip back in time, and for new fans a chance to experience a piece of Swedish punk history in the best possible way. 

"Pretty incredible that all three bands that were the biggest in the genre in the nineties and even on the same record label, are still touring the world and releasing records. All three of us played together for the first time this summer in Uppsala and it was such a crazy good atmosphere that we decided that we must do this more times. - Millencoline.  

"An indescribable favor to tour with these Swedish skate punk bands, of such magnitude, in old Sweden, again!!!" – No Fun At All. 

"We are very much looking forward to playing in almost all of Sweden - something we rarely do - with our friends in Millencolin and NFAA. This spring it will be the 90's Bonanza again. Throw on your oversized Alien Workshop tee and your blue/beige Airwalks and off we go! We are so damn excited!” - Satanic Surfers.

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