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Melting Pot Comedy #42

Our final show of 2023 is a special one: a new comedy storytelling show, SH#T HAPPENS. The show features some of our favorite comedians telling embarrassing stories from their lives. Come down to Purgatorio and find out how funny it is when SH#T HAPPENS!

IMPORTANT! To ensure your place, you need to book with our venue, Purgatorio at:
Tel: 0725190666


Elvira Gullis Gullberg (SWE)

Elvira performs a musical comedy about everything but love. If you want love, look elsewhere. If you want witty music, look here.

Donatas Kveselys (Lithuania)

Your local Lithuanian comedian with a taste for dark but warm humor. He is an active part of the comedy scene, regularly performing in clubs around the country. He will make you laugh outside of your comfort zone.

Hanna k Mölstad (SWE)

Hanna is a comedian based in Malmö who performs on stages all around Sweden. She has a witty and clever sense of humor and embarrassing for others is for her a good story. Someone said she was exceptionally smart and funny, but that might have been herself…

Daniel Bert Andersson (SWE)

Daniel moved to Sweden two years ago after 11 years in Japan. Sometimes he leaves his duties as dad, and duties of life in general, to perform comedy in the south of Sweden and Denmark.

Ella Fokin (FIN)

Ella is a Malmö/Copenhagen-based stand-up comedian and a writer. She speaks five languages ​​and is fluent in sarcasm. She might look tough on the surface (or as the goth version of a Snow White), and she has the line “hell is other people” tattooed on her arm, but in reality, she's not as intimidating as you would think. Ella is a witty storyteller, who thinks that trauma is the best source of inspiration for her stand-up material.

Tomas Kaminski (Poland/Sweden)

Tomas, the Pole turned Swede. Listen to him telling funny stories from his life and beware he loves to involve the audience in his comedy.

MC: Rob Allen (UK)

Rob comes fresh from hosting some of the biggest names in British Comedy at sell out shows during Lund Comedy Festival 2023.

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  • Purgatorio food & beer hall
  • Melting Pot

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