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Join the Food Mile! A fun and tasty food tour that takes you to 6 of the city's restaurants in the same day. At each place, you get to sit down and try a small dish.


You buy a ticket and after that you will receive more information in the mail and also a clip card that you will have to show. Now the fun and tasty adventure begins. 6 restaurants participate and at each place you get to try a small dish, a taste test that conveys that particular restaurant's menu. You have already paid for your food and you decide for yourself whether you want to buy a drink. Each pub has specially developed suggestions for suitable drinks. You choose the order in which you visit the participating restaurants except for the first one that we indicate. Everything runs very smoothly and easily, your task is to enjoy and discover or rediscover restaurants in your city.

What does it cost?

SEK 399 / person, which includes food at all restaurants.

What food is served?

Each restaurant has prepared a sample of the best from its menu.

Is drink included?

No, but you can buy more at each place. The restaurant can also recommend drinks for the food served.

When is Matmilen Lund?

On September 9, 2023. There are 3 different start times 12:00, 12:30 and 13:00. You choose when you want to start and in what order you want to visit the restaurants in connection with the ticket purchase.

Dates, Times, Location

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  • Price: 399 kr

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