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Market time

Erik Bengtsson and Charlotte Nilsson lecture on how it happened when society came to be seen as a market.

The late 1900th century can be called the age of the market, but how did it happen and what were the consequences of the market taking on such a central role in Swedish social life? The new market logic made a deep impression on politics, but it also changed people's everyday lives, language use and frames of reference, and sometimes the differences were large between the actors' intentions and how things turned out.

Erik Bengtsson and Charlotte Nilsson work at Lund University, at the Department of Economic History and the Department of Cultural Sciences, respectively. They are two of the authors of the book Market time. Between housing capitalism and neoliberalism (2023) by Jenny Andersson, Nikolas Glover, Orsi Husz & David Larsson Heidenblad (eds.).

Organized in collaboration with Nordic academic press

Free entry, no pre-registration required.

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