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Maja Francis

With her latest single "Hello Cowboy" behind her and an upcoming album release later this year, Maja Francis is going on an extensive tour with several stops around Sweden this fall!

With her unique voice and her equally brave and poignant songwriting, Maja Francis has attracted both national and international attention. After the success of the critically acclaimed debut album "A Pink Soft Mess", Maja has quickly established herself as one of Sweden's most unique voices and a prominent singer-songwriter. Since the release of the debut album, she has been nominated for countless awards, toured extensively in both Sweden and Europe, had successful collaborations with other artists and made a much-lauded performance in "So Much Better".

The upcoming album, which will be released later this year, has been written and recorded by Maja together with producers David Wikberg and Johannes Runemark, and judging by the already released title track "Hello Cowboy", we have something very special to look forward to. With this, Maja takes a full step out and finds home in country's Nashville.

Dates, Times, Location

Sunday 20 October 2024, at 19:30

In 146 days
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  • Lund's City Theatre
  • Mejeriet
  • Price: 380 kr

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