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Ludwig Hart

Since his debut in 2019, Ludwig Hart has made musical success with his distinctly guitar-scented rock productions and an uncompromising presence. On stage, he gives his absolute utmost and leaves no one unmoved when he sings about growing up in the small town of his childhood, about a parent who never stopped drinking and about a painfully burning longing for something bigger. In the second half of 2024, he will release his third album "Stay Young", which contains the singles "Less I Try" and "Journey".

You get in the car, turn on the stereo and get carried away as Ludwig Hart with big synths and 80s-scented guitars takes you far, far away. You drive at night through large American cities past flashing neon lights and closed roadside restaurants. You drive through factory areas and out into the countryside, you don't shy away from anything. Want something bigger. Ludwig Hart stands for straight-laced romantic rock. It smells Americana and west coast but is here and now. The music wants to move forward and the lyrics are captivating in their mix of everyday realism, fever dreams and nocturnal adventures. His first two albums have achieved great success on the Swedish home turf. With arrangements worthy of a Tom Petty, energy reminiscent of a young Bruce Springsteen and clear choruses that bring to mind Bryan Adams - or why not 80's Fleetwood Mac - it is not surprising that the Swedish audience's positive response has been almost overwhelming.

Ludwig Hart has completed several tours with sold-out gigs in all major Swedish cities and participated in both TV4's Nyhetsmorgon and SVT's Nyår på Skansen. In addition, several of his singles have reached rotation lists on Sweden's Radio P4.

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Friday 15 November 2024, at 20:00

In 153 days
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