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Saturday open at Vattenhallen - with fossil and geology show

Curious about science? Welcome to us!

There is much to discover at the Vattenhallen Science Center. We are open 12-17, both Saturday and Sunday.


13.00: Fossil and geology show
The most well-known fossils are dinosaurs, but there are fossils of almost all types of animals and plants. We are visited by researchers from the Department of Geology at Lund University, who show various fossils - some of them are several hundred million years old! We also learn about how the world has changed over the millions of years, about volcanoes and continental plates, and get some geological excursion tips around Scania.

15:00: Air and Water Show
We ask ourselves questions such as: Can you weigh air? How does a tornado form? what happens at the boiling point? We also demonstrate how to create clouds.

THEME OF THE WEEK: Fossil for the curious
Try different experiments and activities on the theme of fossils and geology.

Theme activities and shows are included in the entrance ticket.

The planetarium has screenings at 14pm and 14.45pm, tickets are purchased separately in our webshop or at the cash desk. Recommended age from 5 years. See which screenings are given this weekend on our website below Planetarium shows.
On Sundays at 13.00 p.m. we offer a show in English in the planetarium. To find this weekend's show, go here.

Do not miss to go on a guided tour of our exhibition about the Intestinal Canal! Free tickets are distributed at the box office, limited number of places - first come, first served.

Welcome to us!

Vattenhallen Science Center
Opening hours for the public: Saturday – Sunday and during school holidays, 12-17pm 
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  • Vattenhallen Science Center

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