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Open air museum, park and exhibitions
The open-air museum at Kulturen in Lund is filled with culturally historic houses and outdoor environments that you can visit. Here you can get an idea of ​​how people have lived in southern Sweden during different times and in different social environments, both in the countryside and in cities. Some of the buildings are in their original location, while others have been moved here since the museum opened in 1892. Of course, all our exhibitions are also open in the evenings!

How did people live in the past?
The track How did people live in the past? lead you around to six reconstructed homes, from the mid-1700th century to the 1930s. Pick up the track in the entrance, follow the map and then read information on the signs by the houses.

Picnic and play in the park
In the museum park there is room for rest, picnics and play. There are benches here and there where you can sit down, weather permitting. You can also bring a blanket if you want to have a picnic on one of the lawns - but don't forget to throw away your rubbish! The children can play in our playground, which consists of a town area with a town hall, church, shop, forge, stables and square, and a countryside area with a water mill with pedal wheels and animals sculpted in wood. Also our play exhibition HC Andersen's fairy tale world is open in the evening!

Viewing: Another world - art from Sankt Lars hospital
At 18.00–18.30 you can come along to a viewing in our temporary exhibition Another world - art from Sankt Lars hospital. No advance booking, included in the entrance fee. Gathering at the back of the White House (entrance hall). There is a sign indicating where the meeting point is.

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  • The culture in Lund

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