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The evening meal: The families who lived in our houses

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During this tour we get a taste of some of the exciting stories that exist about our houses and the families that once lived in them. For example, how did the well-known priest and parliamentarian Johan Henrik Thomander and his family live in the 1840s? What was life like for the Olsson family in a well-to-do farm from the beginning of the 1800th century? We finish with a visit to the Andersson family in Arbetarbostaden.

After the showing, there is the opportunity to go inside and look at the houses on your own. Our houses represent a broad spectrum of society as it once looked. The houses have been inhabited by people from different social classes, in both city and country and at different times.

The screening is held by Jessica Ljung.

Included in the entrance fee. No advance booking. Gathering at the back of the White House (entrance hall), where there is a sign indicating the gathering place.

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