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Cultural prize and scholarship awarding

Lund Municipality's culture and leisure committee proudly presents this year's culture prize winners and culture grantees. A warm welcome to this celebratory moment with the chairman of the culture and leisure committee, Sebastian Jaktling, who hands out prizes and scholarships. 

The Culture Prize

Has been awarded since 1986 and the purpose is to highlight a person or organization that for many years has strengthened and developed Lund's cultural life.
This year's culture prize winner is the photographer Ingemar D Kristiansen who documented Lund for half a century.

Cultural scholarship

Has been awarded since 1962 and is intended to recognize young people, with Lund connections, who are at the beginning of their cultural or artistic career.
This year's cultural scholarship recipients are: Barbro Citron, Ebba Moller, Eskil Roos,Juliette Nässtrom, William Reed

18.30 – 19.00 Prize and scholarship distribution

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