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Art workshop at Botulfsplatsen: Drömväv with Sarah Nakiito

Art workshops at Botulfsplatsen with Human World Training Center
The Human World project is an inverted zoo with fictional animals that watch and are fascinated by humans. Here you get to be creative, think and do things in new ways together with people you haven't met before. Gallery Extra wants to create a playful, theatrical and festive atmosphere in a project with the aim of presenting art and performance in environments and situations that are not constructed based on a gallery format. Human World becomes a kind of role-playing game that the audience participates in, where everyone pretends that we are attractions for the fictional animals in an inverted zoo.

Gallery Extra and Krognoshuset arrange art workshops for all ages outdoors on Saturday afternoons on seven occasions. By meeting in creative processes, we can be inspired by each other. The event is open to anyone looking for social activities. We envision it to be, for example, a long table with people who participate and create in clay together under the guidance of artists and hosts from Gallery Extra. We invite artists who will show or teach part of their process. The artists choose what and how they will arrange to activate the participants in some form of creation. The workshop is performed and presented in a theatrical travel agency-and-zoo format. WELCOME!

Sarah Nakiito
will show and teach part of her process for making a dream fabric. Sarah explores historical textile traditions, dyeing and printing techniques that span cultures and group identities. Sarah is a migration scholar focused on the possibilities of sculpture and installation and decolonial methods of performance art.
Free entry, open to everyone!

The art workshop series Human World Training Center arranged by Gallery Extra in association with Krognoshuset with project support from Lunds kommun. For more information about Krognoshuset's operations see:

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  • Botulfsplatsen
  • Krognoshuset and Galleryextra

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