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Change of clothes day at the City Library

Changing clothes is good for the environment. At last year's clothing exchange days organized by the Nature Conservation Society, as many as 40 garments changed hands, which saved the environment large emissions of chemicals and carbon dioxide.

This year, Lund's Nature Conservation Association's clothes change day takes place at the City Library. This is how it works:

Between 10am and 12pm you can hand in a maximum of five nice and fresh garments. You will then receive a ticket for each garment submitted.

At 13 pm you can listen to a lecture with Filippa Nilsson about circular shopping and sustainable fashion.

At 14 p.m. you are welcome to return to exchange your ticket for another item of clothing. The clothes change hands until 15:30 p.m. The clothes that may not get a new owner will be left to a second-hand shop in Lund.

Dates, Times, Location

Saturday 27 April 2024, at 10:00

In 3 days
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  • Lund city library
  • Lund's Nature Conservation Society

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