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Kassandra Syndrome & Who Killed My Dad? + L.T. Fish

Månteatern has the great pleasure of being able to present the new premiere of the double performance "Kassandra syndrome, "Who killed my father?" and subsequent concert with the amazing L.T. Fish.

After the double performance, L.T. Fish live in the scenography. He might be by himself, he might bring someone, he might play the title track of the previous record "Jag er din mamma" for the evening's honor, no one knows? What we do know is that it will be an incredible night!

The Cassandra Syndrome
Troy. The enemy sits outside the city walls for ten years and threatens war. Then they suddenly gather their pick and pack and go home. They leave a mess of horseshoes behind. A huge thing, made of wood and metal. “Don't touch it!” shouts Kassandra to the Trojans who want it into the city immediately. When no one listens, she becomes hysterical. She claims she can see into the future. She's probably just crazy.

We meet Hecuba, queen of Troy, with responsibility over people and society. We meet her daughter, Kassandra, the little girl, the teenager, condemned by capricious gods to be forced to see the brutality of the future - and condemned to never be listened to. They meet in a desperate struggle before the city gates are opened and the fatal horse is dragged in, in will to face each other and in inability.

Who killed my father?
A son visits his father after he hurts himself at the factory he works at. It evokes a lot of memories that the son has with his father during his upbringing, an upbringing bordered by violence, harsh words and homophobia but also poverty, double jobs and a constant struggle to make ends meet. You can look at your parent and wonder why they didn't make more of an effort to make a relationship work, but you can also see it from another angle.

Édouard Louis's book is an indictment of the French politicians, they are all guilty of killing his father. To make a father-son relationship impossible. To have a tolerable life. To the tune of Barbie Girl, we draw a tender and violent story about how, most of all, we accept that our society constantly turns its back on those who need the most help.

L. T. Fish
L. T. Fisk began in a disguised task: to continue writing songs. If nobody asks you about songs and you keep writing songs, it's saying: 'When I die, I'll have exactly as little as you'. To give oneself a task that lives through the decades, is to appreciate one's failures. This spite is a diamond in a frog.

Press votes The Kassandra syndrome and Who killed my father?
“Both performances are superbly well acted. Lillemor Hjelm as the queen and Meera Ryan as Kassandra switch between emotional states at lightning speed without losing their strong touch for a second. Mats Granath as the father and Sakib Zabbar as the son move more tentatively around each other, which gives nice room for convincing characterization.”
Gunilla Wedding, Southern Sweden

"Lillemor Hjelm and Meera Ryan find their roles and their relationship with fine feeling: the mother who is worried about her daughter, and the daughter who is worried about the future but in the end just has to bow to fate. Kassandra speaks contemporary language and it's fun when she, for example, compliments her mother on her 'king skills'."
Malin Krutmeijer, Southern Sweden

"The plays evoke thoughts about society and life, but it is above all when I see it all through the eyes of my fellow audience members that I realize how important Månteatern, and all other theater for children and young people, is; it is vital that children see adults scream and cry and laugh. And play! That they learn that there is room for feelings, room for mourning, room for despair. That things can change, that nothing is static. That it's okay to be angry, at mom, at dad, at Emmanuel Macron and the whole damn world.”
Alice Nyberg, Lundagård

Press votes L.T. Fish
“That's how it feels to listen to L.T. Fisk's upcoming fifth album Asnemanifest. A relaxing meditation that starts with some quiet breathing exercises and turns into a deep massage to finally wake up quietly again, completely clouded with peace in the whole body. Nine exercises in mindfulness. As rooted in the dirty mire as in the spiritual consciousness.”
Rick Titrö, Hymn review of the album Asnemanifest

The Cassandra Syndrome
By Annika Nyman
Directed by Elin Skärstrand
Starring Meera Ryan & Lillemor Hjelm

Who killed my father?
After the book Who Killed My Father by Édouard Louis
Dramatization & direction Kristian Hallberg
Starring Mats Granath & Wasim Kashlan

The cultural centre
040-10 30 20

The bar is open during the break.
Ticket price includes both double performance and concert.

Listen and watch L.T. Fish

Photo collage:
The Kassandra syndrome and Who killed my father - Henrik Hulander
L.T. Fish – Anna Drvnik

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