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Casino is patterned cowboy hats, carpets with cigarette butts and half-full gin & tonics on a late summer evening. Also known as Johannes Runemark, Kasino is the songwriter and guitarist from Gothenburg who, among other things, wrote and produced songs for some of Sweden's biggest artists, such as Veronica Maggio, Miriam Bryant, Melissa Horn, Thomas Stenström and Timbuktu. He has also appeared on stage as a live guitarist with artists such as Maja Francis, Thomas Stenström, First Aid Kit and Tove Styrke.

In the spring of 2020, he stepped forward as a solo artist and stood in the spotlight as Kasino with the critically acclaimed debut single "Skriva om dig". The music can be described as authentic heartbreak songs, written for an empty dance floor when emotions are at their highest. With lyrics that venture into romance and the ugliest in the finest, he creates ringing melodies paired with electronic drums and acoustic guitars.

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