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On Saturday, February 10, "Love in the city" will be presented for the second year in a row at Stortorget with, among other things, a market in the sign of love. Here you will find local ceramics and art, knitted and locally produced and much more.

At the market you will meet:

❤️ Annika Nivestam Ceramics - Spread love with gifts in green or white stoneware clay! Choose from twisted bowls, candlesticks, mugs, flowers and sweet jars.
❤️ Ahlgren's Churros
❤️ Aliyah Samphani – vintage jewelry
❤️ Ekaterina – pastries and treats such as truffles, macarons, caramel
and Christmas cookies.
❤️ Eventboxes – Discover exclusive gift boxes filled with beautiful artificial roses and delicious chocolates in different varieties and sizes. See you there to share love and spread joy.
❤️ The neighbor cat – cookies, sweet and salty and hot drink.
❤️ Holmgrens - meat and charcuterie products, a classic in Lund's Saluhall since 1909.
❤️ Lyckebo farm offers gift boxes that are perfect for giving away on Valentine's Day. The gift boxes contain our unique jams, marmalades and herbal salt that we make from what we grow ourselves.
❤️ Marie Karlsson - home-knitted mittens and socks.
❤️ Ottarps Torp - mustard ground with balls, honey, chocolate cream free from nuts and milk, beeswax cloths, sourdough bread and buns
❤️ Phil Design - caps in recycled fabrics. Environment, color and joy are my watchwords.
❤️ Precis praline UF - a UF company from Hvilan's high school that sells pralines in different flavors and colors.
❤️ Ragnhild's fruit and must - serves hot apple must, also sells must and jam.
❤️ Ruxandra Rusu – painted candles, painted mugs, bracelets and self-made decorations of various kinds.

This is what the stage program for the day looks like:

At 11.00 – 11.20 Jake Lindholm – Country singer from Skåne with the ambition to grow the European country scene. Jake is a true country boy at heart, which is reflected not only in his love of country music, but also in his attraction to Nashville. Since the beginning of his career, Jake has traveled back and forth between Sweden and Nashville. It is also in Nashville that Jake, along with American songwriters, writes most of his music.

At 11.00 – 13.00 The ice sisters Elsa and Anna are on site in the square. Come up and talk a little, give a high five or get a hug.

At 12.00 – 12.20 Lund's Operettsällskap offers a taster of the operetta De glada Nibelungarna.

At 13.00 – 13.20 Run from Lars Erik Larsson high school (grade 3) performing songs on the theme of love.

At 14.00 – 14.30 The student orchestra Alter Kamereren fills the square with lively music

At 15.00 – 15.20 Vera and Holger – Vera and Holger are a piano/singing duo with a lot of experience playing together. They play a blissful mix of old and new favourites, and often go on improvisational adventures in the middle of the songs so try to keep up. If you fancy some soul/jazz/pop with an intimate setting, don't miss this!

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