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Christmas concert: Lena Willemark, Lisa Rydberg & Roger Tallroth

Experience a rare expressive trio and let the Christmas peace arrive! In each direction, they are one of Sweden's best - three beloved and well-reputed musicians invite you to an exclusive Christmas concert. Heartily and powerfully, they play Christmas' most loved songs in personal interpretations that breathe both timelessness, tradition and renewal. All three were members of the popular production Jul i Folkton 2006-2015. 

LENA WILLEMARK, vocals and violins

Most recently inducted as the first folk musician in the Swedish Hall of Fame. Willemark is a central figure in Swedish folk music and a ground-breaking genre-crossing singer. She has received a number of awards, including five Grammys and Expressen's music award "The Player". She is national fiddler and composer, honorary doctorate at the University of Gothenburg and Dalarna University and a member of the Royal Academy of Music.

LISA RYDBERG, violin and vocals

National violinist and certified baroque violinist. Rydberg is the first ever to have completed a combined folk music and classical education at the Royal Academy of Music. She forms one half of the celebrated duo Bach in Swedish (with Gunnar Idenstam); collaborates with artists such as Sofia Karlsson, Lina Nyberg and Sarah Riedel; and has released several Grammy-nominated albums. Lisa Rydberg is also active as a soloist, composer and arranger.

ROGER TALLROTH, guitars and vocals

Roger has developed his own way of playing the guitar over the years. In the early 90's he came up with a unique way of tuning and stringing his 12-string guitar and since then has never stopped exploring new ways of playing. As an active touring musician for over 30 years, Roger has played in most genres with many fantastic musicians from all over the world and made international collaborations with e.g. Snarky Puppy, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Cathy Jordan, Dervish, Sofia Karlsson, Göran Månsson and Ale Möller.

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