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Christmas in Arbetarbostaden

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Almost 100 years ago, Siri and Nils Andersson, housewife and painter respectively, moved into the ground floor at Adelgatan 1b in what we today call Kulturens Arbetarbostad. When the apartment became a museum, they decided to show what life looked like in the 1930s. Come along to a screening where we tell you about what life was like for the Andersson family at the time - what they worked with, how the children were, about dreams and reality.

When we step into the house, it is Christmas Eve in 1930. The family has prepared for a cozy Christmas weekend. The gingerbread cookies in the kitchen and the apples hung on the fire fork in front of the tiled stove to be roasted smell of Christmas. The table is set and the food served.

Superintendent Karin Hindfel talks about the Andersson family's everyday life and Christmas celebrations.

Included in the entrance fee, no advance booking. Gathering in the Garden Room in the White House (entrance house). There is a sign indicating where the meeting point is.

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