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Jonatan Unge Solo – A very own standup tour

In recent years, Jonatan Unge has become one of Sweden's most loved comedians. He has toured with standup companies such as SEMST and Comedy Carneval, entertained us in podcasts, radio contexts and television programs such as "På spåret" and "Alla mot alla". What he hasn't done, however, is his own solo tour - until now! "It is claimed that people have wanted more from me, but you have to be careful what you wish for because it CAN come true. And yes, now it has.” says Jonatan Unge. On February 10, Jonatan will bring "Jonatan Unge Solo - A very own standup tour" to Lund's Stadsteater!

- I look forward to meeting my audience without support wheels. You can never guarantee that something will be good, but this time I can promise with one hundred percent that it will be a long way anyway. In the past, I have always had to compress myself, but now I have the luxury of being able to devote myself to what all men my age desire most of all – namely, to become tall, says Jonatan.

Jonatan Unge has been doing standup since the mid-00s and in 2019 he was named Male Comedian of the Year at the Swedish Standup Gala and in 2022 he was nominated for the Swedish Comedy Award. Among other things, he has done eight tours together with Branne Pavlovic and Ahmed Berhan under the name SEMST and toured with, among others, Petrina Solange and Magnus Betnér under the Comedy Carneval tour banner. In other words, he is no pigeon in these contexts, but it is only now that he is taking the step fully on his own with "Jonatan Unge Solo - A very own standup tour".

- Before you have seen me in a context, now with this show we meet completely without context and I hope it will not disgust you, Jonatan greets.

- This show will be about everything I'm interested in like sex, how I look at sex, society, what my opinions are about it, history, my thoughts about history, phenomena in general, my angles on these phenomena and other stuff as well what I have to say about other things, says Jonatan.

"Jonatan Unge Solo - A very own standup tour" premieres at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö on February 8, 2024, and then during the spring Jonatan will visit another 17 cities such as Karlstad, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Växjö and Umeå.

Classification: 13 years


Buy tickets at or by calling Visit Lund on 046–131415 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 14pm.

You can also buy your tickets over the counter at the box office at Lund's Stadsteater, which is open 1 hour before the performance. For opening hours see

Dates, Times, Location

Wednesday 27 November 2024, at 17:30

In 165 days

Wednesday 27 November 2024, at 20:00

In 165 days
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