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Jon Nicklas Lundberg "Neurotic Network Training" at Café Ariman

Jon Nicklas Lundberg, "Neurotic Network Training"

Sound art, audio-visual performance, interactive art, sculpture and video

Jon Nicklas Lundberg has established himself as an innovative artist with a unique voice in sound art. The exhibition at Café Ariman gives an insight into Lundberg's work and invites visitors to explore the artistic world of sound sculpture and audio-visual performance.

The work "Neurotic Network Training" is an audio-visual performance where Lundberg processes sound, image and thought live through a kinetic interface. Also in focus is the work "Ekerspelet", based on rotating objects, weights and short circuits, which gives visitors an opportunity to interact with the artwork.

Lundberg also runs the Sound Sculpture lab project, which has multi-year support from the municipality of Lund in the form of Stenkrossen's MAXI support. The project revolves around interactive sound art and collaboration has recently started with actors in Germany to install experimental water-driven sound works in a park environment.

The exhibition is curated by Fredrik Weerasinghe.

Jon Nicklas Lundberg gives a live audio-visual performance at Café Ariman on Saturday 14/10 at 21:00–22:00 and it is part of Art Weekend Lund 2023.

Opening hours Café Ariman:

Lördag 14/10 11:00–02:00

Söndag 15/10 13:00–21:00

Other program items for Art Festival Lund 2023 are available here

For availability, contact Café Ariman, there is a small staircase up to the venue with approx. 4 steps and a threshold.

Art weekend Lund is carried out with support from Lund Municipality

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