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Jill and the Johnsons

"JILL AND THE JOHNSONS" with Jill Johnson in the lead will go on a club tour in the spring of 2024!

This spring, "På Spåret"-current "JILL AND THE JOHNSONS" go on a club tour with 10 stops around Sweden.

"JILL AND THE JOHNSONS" is an energetic and tight-knit band that, after the summer's acclaimed performances in Sweden, was invited as the house band to the premiere episode of this year's season of På Spåret, where they were a hit with over 2 million viewers.

The band's trio has landed Jill Johnson in a new sound that was a rekindling for all of them and that made Jill and the musicians stand on their toes in front of each other, improvising without limits and laughing both on and off stage. 

Six years have passed since Jill first stepped into the intimate club environment with her evocative country, which both flies and sinks. In May, she and her musicians are back on the Club Stages. 

"Playing in a club is like going under the radar and playing for people who love music, the closeness and the rock, -the hard beat and I love it!" - Jill Johnson.

Göran Eriksson, Patrik Hjerling and Janne Robertsson, the top trio behind Jill, and -"THE JOHNSONS" have together with Jill arranged newly written music and in May they are going on a long-awaited club tour!

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