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Jazz at Sketches: Etius

Welcome to a jazz evening at the Skis Museum! With influences from minimalism and folk music, Etius takes a clear departure from the roots of improvisation, with a focus on strong melodies that come to life through a close interplay. The trio's acoustic setting creates a warm soundscape that invites the listener to take part in the stories they want to tell.

Saxophone – Jenny-Anne Fåglefelt

Guitar – Martin Friis

Double bass – Gustav Sundquist

➤ In the museum's foyer, free entry!

In collaboration with the Academy of Music in Malmö. The bachelor's degree in Jazz/Improvisation aims to train musicians with high artistic and professional ability. Here the student gets the opportunity to find and develop his own musical voice and at the same time get the basic practical knowledge of the world he needs for a future professional life in jazz and improvisational music.

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  • The Museum of Sketches
  • The Museum of Sketches

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