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Opening of the photo exhibition We are all naked

Opening of the photo exhibition "Alla er vi nakna" together with the creator Andreas Paulsson.

"Alla er vi nakna" is a photo exhibition that addresses the topics of body standards, dress codes and how we are shaped and look at each other based on that. It was created by the filmmaker and photographer Andreas Paulsson, who specializes in LGBTQ+ and has over ten years of experience working with the body's expression in various exhibitions.

The photo exhibition consists of personal portraits. Each person is featured in four photos – front and back, with and without clothes. The images are printed in natural size and allow visitors to walk around among the models in the exhibition. Each picture is accompanied by a quote where he expresses his thoughts about roles, identity, surface and depth.

The exhibition is on display from October 16 to November 12.

The exhibition was shown for the first time during World Pride 2021 in Malmö. The exhibition as a whole consists of portraits of 18 people. For reasons of space, Lund's city library shows a selection.

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