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Iiris Viljanen – A Finnish Christmas

“Are you coming for Christmas?
will you come home then?
back to the country
where you became a long time ago"

No song captures the feeling before Christmas as heartbreakingly as Iiris Viljanen's »Letter exchanges«. The critically acclaimed album »A Finnish Christmas« was released in 2020 and Iiris and band have gone on acclaimed tours in 2021 and 2022. Now it's time to experience the most melancholy Christmas concert of Christmas again, when the band goes on tour for the third year in a row!

»A Finnish Christmas« captures the feeling of the big holiday. When everything stops for a few days, and you meet - or don't meet - your family. When you think a little extra about those who have passed away and are no longer with us. The feeling of time passing and having passed.

Iiris with band plays classic Finnish Christmas songs in a new style interspersed with modern newly written jazz. The Swedish and Finnish languages ​​blend seamlessly with each other. There will be elegant piano playing and virtuosic flute melodies, warm tones from double bass and percussion. An atmospheric concert that is not afraid of poverty and misery. Although perhaps the misery can also feel a little easier to handle with some nice Finnish music in the ears.

Iiris Viljanen: piano, vocals
Martin Höper: double bass
Mischa Grind: percussion
Lisa Grotherus: clarinet
Nils Berg: clarinet, flute, saxophone

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  • Mejeriet
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