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In Christmas time 2024

"I Yuletid" delivers a Christmas feeling for another year - Guest Artist of the Year John Lundvik

"I Juletid", Sweden's most comprehensive Christmas tour that has spread Christmas spirit, fellowship and musical joy for over 20 years is back. Being able to deliver a concert experience where the music, the feeling and Christmas are in focus to our loyal and fantastic audience makes us both happy and incredibly proud.

This year we look forward to meeting the audience once again and this time together with one of Sweden's most loved artists, John Lundvik, who delivers true Christmas feeling with his lovely voice and energy that has gone straight to the hearts of the Swedish people.

John Lundvik is a well-known and popular singer, songwriter and music producer. John has a singing and songwriting career where he has composed music for himself as well as for films, other artists and not least Daniel Westling's musical wedding gift to Crown Princess Victoria, "When You Tell The World You're Mine" in 2010.

John has previously participated in the Melodifestivalen on three occasions, in 2019 he was the winner with the song "Too Late For Love" and got to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest where he finished in an honorable fifth place.

We are so happy to welcome John to "I Juletid" and look forward to delivering a memorable evening in churches as well as theaters and concert halls.

A warm welcome, we hope to see you!

Marcos Ubeda & Magnus Johansson


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