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House interrogation - question walk for children and adults

A fun activity for the whole family!

From the 1600th century to the end of the 1800th century, house interrogations were carried out in Sweden. The priest then traveled around to the farms and questioned everyone who lived there about what they knew about God and Jesus. It was a test of both Bible knowledge and literacy. In Kulturen's house interview, we instead focus on historical facts.

Go on house interviews in three of our historic houses and meet maids, servants, children and maybe also the father and mother of the house. You will be asked about things that are in the houses or chores that are done, and get three different answer options. Together you are then helped to figure out the right answer. When you're done, you go on to the priest family in Västra Vram's rectory. There, your answers will be corrected and maybe you will be rewarded. Regardless, we hope you learn something new and exciting about history.

The house interviews are carried out with the help of Kulturen's volunteers, who otherwise, among other things, help during the summer Historical assignments for children. You start the round by picking up materials in the Garden Room, behind the museum shop. Suitable for both children (from about 7 years) and adults.

Drop in! The activity takes about 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on whether you do it at a slow or fast pace.

No advance booking, included in the entrance fee.

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