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Hemliga Klubben gives you FESTHALT 100% on tour this spring! After an acclaimed debut album, they released the EP "Tank om vi dör!" and is now loading up to release new music and a maxed out tour in 2024. Get ready for new songs, classics and of course a lot of booze! Don't miss the chance to experience them live in February!

Hemliga Klubben consists of the songwriters Adéle Cechal, Mattias Jonsson and Gustav 'Påsen' Gällhagen. Since the group was formed in 2018, they have had time to release two EPs and the debut album 'Tills alla gåmligt oss', which was praised by Jan Gradvall and gave the band a nomination as newcomer of the year in the 2021 Rockbjörnen.

The playful lyrics together with the energy in the sound carry on the legacy of acts such as Familjen, Den Svenska Björnstammen and Veronica Maggio. In addition to their own music, the band has written songs for, among others, Myra Granberg, Felicia Takman, Petter and Molly Sandén.

Hemliga Klubben has toured extensively since the start, initially as a band for acts such as Bob Hund and Thomas Stenström, but mainly on their own. In 2022, the band made headlines when the end of the tour had to be canceled after only a few songs due to the crowd causing the dance floor to collapse.

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