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Hanna Voog – Size Matters

Hanna Voog is the librarian who suddenly realized that humor was her calling. Since the jump-start in her career as Newcomer of the Year at Malmö Comedy Club (MACK) and a podium place in Sweden's biggest stand-up competition - Grand Comedy Slam - we now see Hanna at all of the country's comedy clubs. She jokes about high and low, usually at the expense of herself and not infrequently based on everyday life. With a sharp eye and sharp self-irony, she shares events and situations that many of us recognize, but which from Hanna's perspective give us new angles, entrances and – asgarv!

About the show:
Walk for an hour in the 184 cm long comedian Hanna Voog's flat shoes! "Size matters - the art of making a long story short" is a rap comic journey with reflections of strange situations and phenomena as you experience them if you are a head taller than 90% of Sweden's population. This is a standup show that sums up life's musings on the theme of how, when and where size matters. High and low, without a belt and heels, we take on an overhead perspective together!

Votes on the show:
“So EXTREMELY good!!! THANKS!!!"
“Very professional and crazy good!”

Dates, Times, Location

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  • Grand Hotel Lund
  • Anagram Live
  • Price: 215 kr

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