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Aslan Goisum. Prism
Lund Art Gallery 10 February – 12 May 2024

The Berlin-based and internationally active artist Aslan Goisum was born in Grozny, Chechnya, in 1991 and educated in Moscow, Ghent and Amsterdam. The exhibition introduces his penetrating artistry in an upheaval and sensitive world situation. Prism is Goisum's first major exhibition in Sweden.
Four brand new works of art are on display. Prism captures the body of a young male actor in a huge prismatic video sculpture. Star, Table and Wheel are sculptural installations that use basic geometric shapes to articulate Goisum's observations of how northern Eurasia is still marked by the visual codes of empire. Spear (2023–24) is an installation with books subjected to scalpel cuts. Object (2022) consists of seven fence-like steel sculptures, triggered by Goisum's visit to a cemetery in Kazakhstan. In addition, the video works Touch (2023) and Scythian Journey (2019) will be shown, as well as two installations consisting of recycled street signs from Grozny: Numbers (2015) and Fearsome (2011–).
Goisum has studied both architecture and visual arts. He is above all known for his video installations and sculptures, but also for art created on and from paper. All these artistic formats are incorporated in the exhibition in more or less hybrid forms.

Guest curator: Anders Kreuger

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