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For a long time, with roots in the 1700th century, Lunds was the university's director of musics and the cathedral's organist in staff union. The dividing line between church and university, not least in musical terms, was thin. Under Odeum's theme Spirituality meet once again musicians and singers from the academic and church spheres in a concert where the Academic Chapel and the VOS Vocal Ensemble perform together in front of former cathedral organist and director musics Wilhelm Gnosspelius David's 98th Psalm. At the concert, then also Francis Poulencs Gloria performed, cathedral organist Robert Bennesh and music director Patrik Andersson participate as conductors.

Kristina Hellgren, soprano
Karin Torbjörnsdóttir, mezzo-soprano
Dag Videke, bass


The event is part of the fall semester's theme SPIRITUALITY.

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