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On November 24, the French Trio will release the pure single "The story came true" and after a Christmas tour with several sold-out dates, the band is getting ready to go out on the road with both new and old treats. This Gothenburg jazz-rock-something constellation has gone from strength to strength as well as from a local concern to a national one. The band now plays to packed houses around our long country and has since the beginning been widely praised for its wayward songs and explosive live performances. An intense and varied show with great variety is promised!

Franska Trion is a long-established name on Sweden's live scene, but in recent years has acquired more feathers in its cap as, for example, the husband band in På Spåret and as composers for the TV series Meningen med liett. This summer they released the single "Midsummer" which caused a great stir. Singer Matti Ollikainen told SVT:

"There aren't very many negative summer songs, so I've thought in retrospect that it filled a need. It's a bit festive, but it's still based on a feeling that I think it's a pointless holiday."

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