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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Every year we mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with an event with free entry. This year there will be a talk with the author Oline Stig, in collaboration with the Writers' Center Syd. You can also visit the exhibitions To survive – Voices from Ravensbrück and Women's Concentration Camp Experience..

Literary traces - in memory of the Holocaust. Conversation with the author Oline Stig.

Museum director Gustav Olsson welcomes, and the program is presented by Författarcentrum Syd's Karin Salmson.

Then we listen to a conversation between the authors Oline Stig and Karin Salmson, about Oline's novel Drøbak 1947. Oline Stig's latest novel portrays the complicated reality behind complicity, something that Oline Stig's own grandmother and grandfather were guilty of during the German occupation of Norway. Questions such as why and what do we then highlight themes that we very much also need to talk about today in order not only to remember the holocaust but also to prevent history from repeating itself. How do we deal with revelations that there may have been Nazi sympathizers in our own families? Although fictional, the novel is based on the author's personal research and archival documents relating to World War II and its aftermath, as well as her experience of taboo and what silence can do to us. Oline Stig in a conversation with the author Karin Salmson. The lecture is approximately one hour long.

After the talk, there is an opportunity to visit the Kulturens exhibition To survive – Voices from Ravensbrück. The exhibition contains unique items (clothes, recipes, toys and other testimonies) that belonged to women and children who were rescued from the German concentration camp Ravensbrück. Exhibition educator Annika Mandahl is on site in the exhibition from 15 pm and answers questions. The Polish Traveling Exhibition Women's Concentration Camp Experience, which was inaugurated on January 24, is also open during the day.

To see important places in the city of Lund, you can take part in the city walk at your own pace during the day In the wake of the survivors, found in the app Story spot, which takes us to seven places that tell us in different ways how Nazism and the Second World War left their mark on Lund. In 1943, Danish Jews sought refuge in Lund from occupied Denmark, and in 1945 thousands of liberated prisoners arrived from the concentration camps in Europe.

Kulturen's staff are on site from 15.00 and can answer questions.

In the Auditorium, on the second floor of the White House (entrance building).

Free entry to the event from 13.30pm!

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