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Author identity in a new country

In Syria, Ali Alabdallah worked as a television reporter and journalist. In 2013 he moved to Sweden, and after only four years he published his first book in Swedish, "New job in new country". What is life like as a journalist in a dictatorship like Syria, and what happens to one's identity as a writer when you come to a democratic country like Sweden? Why is it important to write in Swedish as a newly arrived writer? And how can intercultural competence enrich one's own life and society at large? Welcome to a lecture on authorship, identity, integration and language with Ali Alabdallah. Annika Staaf, board member of Learning Material Authors and vice dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Linnaeus University, is also present during the evening. Organized in collaboration with the Läromedelsfattarna. Free entry, no pre-registration required.

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