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Lecture on transcendental meditation

Activate your own inner healing power!

Our body has a much greater ability to heal itself than we can believe. Transcendence promotes the body's inherent healing ability and creates balance in body and soul. Fortunately, transcendence is easier than previously thought. The positive effects of Transcendental Meditation are confirmed in scientific studies.

Everyone can learn and it's nice, natural and effective. Many people think that meditation involves some kind of control of the mind, or concentration, that you have to force the mind to be still by concentrating on something - on the breath, a sound. When you meditate with Transcendental Meditation (TM) you don't concentrate. It is both easy and comfortable.

Welcome to a free lecture with Thomas Hörberg at Medborgarskolan.

Dates, Times, Location

Tuesday 4 June 2024, at 18:00

In 15 days
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  • bangatan 6
  • Citizens' School

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