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Lecture and book discussion: Modernism under reconsideration

Welcome to the book presentation and lecture!

In connection with the presentation of the book Modernism under review – 1980–2020 gives architect Thomas Hellquist a lecture on the dilemma of contemporary architecture and talks with the publisher's editor architect Pär Eliaeson about future possibilities for the art of architecture. In the Auditorium. We offer drinks and snacks afterwards.

Included in the entrance fee, no advance booking.

About the book Modernism under review – 1980–2020
As part of the Architecture Journal CRITICISM's 15th anniversary, Syntes publishing house publishes three volumes with collections of articles by leading employees. First in line is Thomas Hellquist, architect and professor emeritus in Architecture and Design, active in Lund. Hellquist is a prominent figure within the Swedish postmodernist movement in the field of architecture. In 1980, he helped start the magazine Magazine Ticino which was a forum for the new ideas spreading in philosophy and culture at this time. The critique of the prevailing modernist ideology and aesthetics was essential, a discussion that is still completely relevant. We still live in a postmodern state. The article collection begins in 1980 with texts from Magazine Ticino. After the magazine's closure at the end of the 1980s, Thomas Hellquist was active as a writer in, among other things, the magazine Architecture and in the daily press. During the last decade, Thomas' texts have mainly been published in Arkitekturtidskriften CRITICISM. These three eras are all represented in the book's 40 articles from 40 years.

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