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For the earth's sake - two meetings about the climate

Do you want to know how we can change to a sustainable future? A warm welcome to these meetings where Arne Persson will give an account of his latest book and where the group can talk together about how we can become more sustainable. The price includes a copy of Arne's latest book; For the sake of the earth, to each participant.

Do you want to know the causes of climate change? 
Do you want to know why Sweden's clearcutting is devastating for the climate? 
Do you want to know the truth behind Sweden's electricity crisis in 2022 – 2023?

Arne Persson is a doctor of philosophy in mathematics and after the extremely hot summer of 2018, he decided to study the causes of global warming. Based on these studies, he first published För trädets sake (2020) and now För jordens sake (2023), which all course participants will receive. During the course's two meetings, Arne will answer the questions about the climate and together the group can discuss how we can become more sustainable. The second meeting takes place on April 5. 

Registration is required: For the earth's sake - two meetings about the climate - 67770 - Lund | Civic school

Review in Library service of For the sake of the earth:

"The reader gets a very good picture of how life took hold on Earth, how evolution shaped all life, what happens when stay organisms break down, the causes of climate change, the IT sector's enormous electricity consumption, international climate work and Sweden's climate work. The text is easy to read, rich in facts and with simple and educational explanations throughout. The book is aimed at a broad public who want to know more about global warming, how we can deal with it and how it affects life on earth.”

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