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The play "Folkhemmet" takes place in a home for the elderly characterized by diversity. Staff and residents come from different backgrounds and enjoy this mix. The politicians who rule the home will make everything Swedish through a paradigm shift. The residents, their relatives and the staff resist together. At home is a loving couple; a man from Iran and a Swedish woman, a relationship that is not liked by some relatives. How it goes is not revealed here. Come and have a look!

February 3 Stenkrossen in Lund
11 February Moon Theatre

The theater performance "Folkhemmet" is presented by the association MultiKULtur Skåne in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet and is financed through contributions from the Ideal Cultural Alliance and from the municipality of Lund.

Agneta Idbohrn is responsible for the script and direction together with the ensemble, which consists of fifteen amateur actors of varying ages and with different backgrounds. Three musicians brighten the performance with song.

The performance is estimated to last about two hours, including intermission.

The purpose of the association MultiKULtur Skåne is
- to promote community, diversity and solidarity
- to counteract exclusion and discrimination
- as well as highlighting contemporary social issues.

The association fulfills its purpose through artistic expression and learning processes together with a diversity of people to counteract boundaries between generations, ethnicity and gender.

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