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People's corner with Amanda Svensson, Edvard Henriksson & Viktor Dahl

~ A unique insight into the author's writing process ~

Welcome to Folkets hörna at the Sketches museum in Lund and live on Zoom!

- Amanda Svensson
– Edvard Henriksson and Viktor Dahl (write together)
– Therese Granwald & Johan Blomgren (People's corner)

People's corner - work in progress is a stage for fiction texts in process. At Folkets hörna, two authors participate on each occasion, one who is already established and one who has not yet been published by the established publishers. Each writer reads a short excerpt from an ongoing writing project and then receives feedback from two writing educators who lead the text conversations. They also receive feedback from the other participating author and from the audience. In this way, the authors get a unique opportunity to test their work in progress on others, and the audience gets a rare insight into and opportunity to influence an author's writing process. You don't have to participate in the conversation, it's fine to just listen, but it's encouraged.

Our established author this evening is Amanda Svensson. Amanda is a writer, culture writer and translator. She debuted with the acclaimed Hey Dolly (2008), which was followed by the August Award-nominated Welcome to this World (2011), her latest book Själens telegraf was published last year.

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FREE ADMISSION, no pre-registration required.

Folkets hörna is organized with the support of Region Skåne, the Culture Council and Lund Municipality.

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