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Flora walk at Löddesnäs

We go out to the coast and visit the coastal grasslands around Löddesnäs in northwestern Bjärred. Under the guidance of Staffan Nilsson, we study the area's plants. We start from the Trollsjövägen bus stop and go out together to Löddesnäs. Then we continue down along the beach to Gyllin's meadows.

Collection: at 10:35 at the Trollsjövägen bus stop in Bjärred. Bus 137 departs from Lund C at 10:10. Please note that the bus may have a temporary stop at the southern end of Bangatan.

The trip takes place in collaboration with Lomma Nature Conservation Society.

Dates, Times, Location

Thursday 6 June 2024, at 10:10

In 48 days
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  • Lund's Nature Conservation Society

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